Eco-citizen approach

For the last ten years we have taken the opportunity to combine our personal interests and professional tasks in working to protect the environment. Opportunities have turned into responsibilities. They structure our commitment to the future:

High Quality Management of the Environment

In 2006 this eco-citizen commitment materialized in the construction of a building to meet modern environmental requirements. We gave particular attention to:

Quality Assurance

A Manual of Internal Quality Assurance governs the level of expectations and performance that Geo-Hyd offers its clients and partners. It complies with the regulations, laws and normative procedures in force such as ISO 19015 and SANDRE.

For some missions, we develop specific quality assurance plans (QAP). They are subject to internal review and client approval. Currently we are initiating an ISO 9001 system of quality management.

Contribute to the knowledge of biodiversity

Determined to participate in management of biodiversity and to establish partnerships between the north and the south, Geo-Hyd and the Institute of Research for Development (IRD) have developed a tracking module for the black stork (Ciconia nigra), based on Argos emissions.

All data collected is intended to provide local politics of the environment with the information necessary for better management of the European contingents of the species during overwintering.