Geo-Hyd makes, distributes and maintains in operational conditions business software solutions adapted to management of natural resources:


The Water Framework Directive introduced the concept of body of water . This is the scale at which assessments of water quality should be conducted to maintain or recapture the ecological "good condition".

Norrman software simulates the impact of discharges on water bodies: It helps to assess the emission limit values, and thus better determine the discharge permitted in accordance with the objectives of good condition of the receiving environment.

Norrman Loire-Bretagne is software owned by the Loire Bretagne Water Agency and made available by this service. To learn more, visit this Website.


Axionne is the ESU / ESO quality data management platform used by our research analyst and by the managers of departmental measurement networks. It is a convergent and durable solution:

Axionne is compatible with RDBMS SQL Server, Access and Oracle. Contact us to evaluate its integration into your information system and your organization.

Siris Solution

Taking into account the natural or anthropic risks in public policies is through the identification of areas most susceptible. The System of Integration of Risks by Interaction of Scores is the tool for the decision and priorization of remedial actions. By limiting the expertise to risk rank factors, it provides an effective classification of property, populations and territories exposed.

SIRIS Solution is software for the implementation of the eponymous method. It is used by AFSSET, INRS INERIS and the Laboratory of Ecotoxicology, University of Rouen.


GEDAÏ is intended for industrial operators to enter and manage self-monitored data by computers. It allows editing of the statement of regulatory monitoring intended for the DRIRE / DSV and generation of calculations of base fee for the Loire Bretagne Water Agency. Statistical calculations are also made to facilitate the GEREP statement.


GEDAÏ has been achieved through a Loire Bretagne Water Agency / Pays de Loire DRIRE collaboration. To learn more, visit this Website.


Mobimap is a tool for professionals who want to make collections of geo-localised data. It consists of a GPS / SIRFStar III personal assistant and a fully compatible MapInfo Professional®. MobiMap is a low-cost, extremely simple to use solution:

MobiMap is used by the Regional Federations of Protection against Pests and Regional Directorates of Agriculture and Forestry Download the presentation brochure .

Axionne Mobile

Axionne Mobile software enters physical analysis in situ and in environmental conditions. It works on a simple or hard PDA, equipped with Windows Mobile 6. It allows:

Axionne Mobile performs a dual data backup on SD card. It is compatible with the platform for managing Axionne quality data.


SACRE is a mobile solution for simultaneous linear sequences and point objects gathering and geolocation.

In the case of a WER diagnosis (Assessment Network of Habitats), it is configured to enter data in the following compartments:riverine (density, state of health ...), banks (state, stability ...), mean water channel (facies, grain size), land use, work, jams (mobility, obstruction of bed ...), workings,point observations (pumping, release ...).

SACRE is a flexible and versatile tool. It meets the expectations of basin managers and consulting firms seeking to optimize phases of field data gathering, and transfer to a GIS or a database.