Environment Expertise

« Integrated Water Ressource Department » assists local and regional institutions, as well as economic stakeholders in their environmental studies process, especially for water related projects.

This department includes university experts, qualified engineers (geography, agronomy, IMACOF, .), specialised in environmental planification, contractual politics and ecological expertise.


We support water institutions in their Water Frame Directive dispositions and their Plans for Development and Management of Water Resources (SDAGE). We specifically aim at providing process methods for water status data treatment, pressure / impacts on a hydrographic district or large watersheds scale. Know-hows meet both environment and technology skills:

For instance, we recently reviewed SDAGE Adour Garonne water statement and supported the implementation of measurement program for 2016-2021 period.


Since the beginning, Géo-Hyd is very involved towards institutions for the implementation of Water Development and Management Programs (SAGE). This ambition is carried out by a multidisciplinary team, which allows to satisfy numerous skills, as frequently required for these missions:

In 2013, we wrote Cher and 2morin SAGE (PAGD, regulation and environmental assessment report) and supported institutions on the consultation and public investigation phase.

Contract policies

Géo-Hyd also proposes action programs in order to answer concretely to good good water status, especially regarding water course hydro morphology and diffuse pollutions fight. It relies on field investigations which allows to justify territorial operation towards institutions and to propose actions as close as possible to their needs.

Diagnosis and ecological expertise

Nowadays, the development of economical activities and settlement projects have to include more and more precise expertised in order to reach good water status and avoid (even reduce and balance) their impact on aquatic environments.

On 2014, Géo-hyd defines Trévezel biological minimum flows for Lanuéjol and Guerlesquin reserved waterplan for Lannion Trègor area.