Axionne is the management of data on water quality software platform developed and maintained by Geo-Hyd.

By clicking on the button below, you can download the Axionne trial version. You will receive an email indicating a download link and a temporary licence key.

Axionne runs on Windows XP® and Windows Vista®. The Framework Microsoft .Net 2.0® and SQL Express 2005® will be installed if necesary. For more information on installation, contact us at:

Store your data permanently

Get a sophisticated tool interface optimized for fast data search. Check data quality with more than 40 validation tests (syntactic, semantic, terminations,inter-parameters,etc, ...). Use Axionne on a workstation and get up potential in order to access the multi-user mode.

Schedule your measurement campaigns

Set the frequency of sampling at stations, associate groups of parameters to be analysed. Generate service claims intended for samplers and laboratories in EDILabo format.

Improve reliability of communication with your partners

Import and export your data (physical chemistry, taxonomy, measurement stations) using the french exchange scenarios of BNDE Frames, ADES and XML QUES 2.0 Frames. Make service claims and integrate the results of sampling and analysis with EDILabo.

Use the national referentiel of data on water

Automatically synchronize the Axionne database with the French Sandre referentiel by Web Service (parameters, support, fraction, units, methods and taxa). All Sandre classifications used are also updated, ensuring entry of values in accordance with Sandre dictionnaries

Complete Axionne with Axionne Mobile

Axionne Mobile is software for entry of physical analyses in situ and in environmentalconditions. It works on hard or simple PDA, with Windows Mobile 6. It allows: